The Trainable Cat


Does your cat jump up on the kitchen table? Fight against the dreaded vet visits? Hate taking medicine? Is your furniture shredded by cat claws? The sofa, carpet and wooden banister? Can you stop hunting habits?

 The idea of a trained cat may seem contradictory. As domestic pets, cats have evolved very differently from dogs and their ‘anti-social’ behaviour can be difficult to deal with. However, cat experts John Bradshaw and Sarah Ellis show that this stress-induced behaviour can be prevented. Training is the answer.

 A comprehensive and engaging step-by-step guide, The Trainable Cat will help you to have fun with your pet as they learn to negotiate the complexities of everyday life: to enjoy living with new babies and other pets; answer to their name; settle into a new home; and overcome the anxiety of a visit to the vet. You can teach your beloved moggy to do what is best for it – even when its instincts tell it otherwise. The result? An enriched bond between pet and owner, a cat that is happier, and far fewer claw marks on the furniture…

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