Lowbrow Cats Book

£15.00 £24.99

The purrfect coffee table book for cat & art lovers alike, Lowbrow Cats features over 125 stunning images from lowbrow artists.

Pop surrealism, dreams, and always arresting felines come together in a hypnotic collection featuring over 50 lowbrow artists The cat is a constantly recurring motif in pop-surrealism, custom art, and other forms of lowbrow—probably unsurprisingly so.

An amazing number of the most recognized artists in the genre have produced some eye-popping work featuring cats, including such legendary names as Ray Caesar, Nicoletta Ceccolli, Leila Ataya, Christina Hess and George Underwood. All five are featured here in a collection of more than 125 iconic, stunningly original images, each showing a different treatment and aspect of feline personalities.

Stunning reproduction and printed on high-grade 160 gsm paper, with a cover by Daniel Merriam, this collection is for anyone into lowbrow and neo-surrealism or for those simply intrigued by cats.

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