Igloo Cat Litter Tray and Carrier


At Lady Dinah's, we put litter trays to the test! We spent the past few years trying different types of litter tray and our preferred tray is the Igloo Cat Tray and Carrier. 

Why do we like this carrier? Firstly - it's multifunctional. We have these distributed around the cafe for the cats - partly so that they're never too far from a tray and to prevent 'accidents' but also so that, if there's an emergency, all our carriers are out on the floor and we can quickly bundle the cats into them and help them make a safe exit. 

Secondly - they're durable. Our litter trays are cleaned several times a day, and detail cleaned several times a week. That's a lot of carrying, opening and closing. None of the other hooded trays we've used have stood up to the same wear and tear. 

Thirdly - the carbon filter lids held to contain smells, especially important in a cat cafe, and helps minimise smells while the Cat Carer takes the trays away for cleaning. 

And finally - the cats like them. They like the privacy of the hooded tray and it prevents them from scratching and tracking litter around the shop, so it keeps things tidy.

Available in multiple colours, your purchase will include the igloo in your chosen colour, five specially moulded eco-friendly disposable liners to contain your cat’s preferred choice of litter. Also Included are replaceable carbon filters helping to keep your home odour free and a removable, smoked privacy plate for when the igloo is used as a cat loo. 

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