Cat Nail Stickers


Keep your paws looking ship-shape with our new Lady Dinah’s Cat Nail Stickers.

Lou and Ella have made these delightful Cat Nail Stickers to match their lovely Travelcard Holders. Choose from the Lady Dinah’s logo, Pink TeaCats, Blue TeaCats, the very handsome Mario in a Bow-tie or butterflies design to jazz up your nails in seconds. Simply cut out and stick our Cat Nail Stickers onto a dry nail polish undercoat, and finish off with a clear top coat to ensure your manicure will last for longer.

Styling Tips for your Cat Nail Stickers:

Each set contains 24 kitty cat stickers, so you can get up to two full manicures per set, plus a few extra! Go for subtle styling by adding a feature sticker to a single finger on each hand, or make a bold statement by adding a cat nail sticker to every nail.

For an easy pop art effect, alternate each fingernail with pale pink and pale blue nail polish. Once dry, alternate Pink and Blue Teacat stickers on your nails: pink stickers on blue nails, and blue stickers on pink nails.

For an elegant but edgy look, paint your nails a vampy red or bold orange, and adorn the nails of your ring fingers with the dapper Bow Tie Mario sticker.

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