Lady Dinah Loves: Cat Hampurrs December 04 2015

At Lady Dinah's we love to work with other independent businesses and are delighted to stock Cat Hampurrs - the purrfect gift for your favourite feline or cat-owning friend. We caught up with owner Kelly to find out more about how Cat Hampurrs got started!

Kooki Cat Hampurr tester

What inspired you to start Cat Hampurr?

There were a few things which came together and inspired me to start the Cat Hampurr service.

Firstly I started to take a lot more interest in my health and the health of my family (including the pets!) which meant I took a keen interest in what was going into our meals. When looking at Kooki cat’s food I was appalled that some contained a tiny amount of meat, many high street brands include less than 10% meat. Cats are carnivores, then need to eat meat and I was shocked at some of the low quality ingredients I was feeding her. I wanted to provide a service for people to discover quality foods, treat and even toys that they might not have seen before.

Secondly, I have a background in eCommerce stores for pets, a few years ago I sold my previous businesses and I was itching to get back up and running. The standard eCommerce model didn’t really fit with my lifestyle anymore but a subscription service was purr-fect!

Thirdly, I love animals and had pets since a very young age. When you set up a business I believe you have to love what you do so a business based on the health and happiness of cats just made sense. It can be hard and challenging but I really love my job, and it’s a good job because I live and breathe it! My three year olds teacher was asking the class what jobs their parents do the other week. My daughters answer was “my mummy makes cats happy”. I love her answer J Both of my children (six and three)take such an interest in the business and have already said that when they are older they are going to run it … watch this space!

Cat Hampurr

How do you choose what goes in each Hampurr?

We really do work hard to source great products for our Hampurrs and this is one of the things which takes up and lot of our time over at Hampurr HQ. We have a few criteria which we stick to as closely as possible:

  • Foods contain a high percentage of meat, often the food and treats we include contain over 90% meat and no nasties such as grain
  • Products not readily available, we try to avoid products which subscribers could easily find themselves in the big chains, or even in local pet stores.
  • Toys contain the highest quality materials and catnip, they’re also often handmade right here in the UK

Do you have a cat tester who helps to decide? :)

We have our own chief tester at Hampurr HQ, Kooki (pictured above) who has been with us since 2006. She turned up at our door on a freezing cold November evening as a tiny kitten, covered in fleas and mites without a collar. She really was in a bad way and could hardly walk. We believe she followed our other cat home. After taking her to the vets to make her well again and searching for her owner we decided to give her a safe forever home with us. She is now a total princess and the boss! Even our Staffordshire Bull Terrier is scared of her and often gives up her bed for her.

Along with Kooki we also have a gang of other kitties who help out, they are a range of ages and breeds to ensure we get a broad opinion. Baby Dave (who is actually a girl and no longer a baby – long story), Cleo (model on the Cat Hampurr home page) and Moggie (doesn’t like her photograph taken so there aren’t many picture of her but she loves the Hampurrs) are our other regular testers but we also send products to local charities, friends and family who also give us feedback.

What's been the reaction to the boxes so far?

The reactions have been amazing so far, and we’re so happy. After every month we send out a survey to all subscribers and the comments we get back are just fab. That doesn’t stop us worrying each month though and we always try to make each Hampurr extra special. We really listen to our subscribers and if they don’t like a certain product it won’t be included in another Hampurr! We love ‘Cat Hampurr Day’ as we get flooded with pictures and videos of cats enjoying their Hampurrs which is the highlight of our month.

Kitten Gift Cat Hampurr

How are your gift Hampurrs different to the regular Hampurrs?

The regular Hampurrs are monthly boxes which are sent out on a subscription basis on the same date every month. They’re often themed and also include a menu card which sets out all of the products included.

Gift Hampurrs on the other hand can be purchased at any point and are sent out straight away, they still include the same kinds of quality products but there is no commitment to having more than one. At the moment we offer 4 gift Hampurrs – cat, kitten, playtime (toys only) and Christmas. Each gift Hampurr also include a personalised gift card.

Do you have any exciting plans for 2016?

We have lots of things planned for 2016, we’re currently working on something very exciting for early in the new year but it is top secret! As soon as we can say more we will be in touch, we think you will love it. As always we’ll be on the hunt for the more exciting new products and we might even be looking to revamp the website!

Thanks Kelly! Take a look at the Gift Hampurrs here, subscriptions here & lots of cats enjoying their Hampurrs!